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Miss Dagmara is a radio talk show host known for her energetic, fun-loving, and genuine on-air personality.
Real Talk with Miss Dagmara‘s show was born in a Los Angeles living room couch on January 22nd, 2013. A little spark of fire turned into a flame once she truly realized what her passion was. Almost 5 years later, Real Talk with Miss Dagmara has grown into a weekly show that has its thousands of viewers looking forward to trending topics.

From relationships, sex, intimacy, communications, entertainment news and celebrity gossip, with lots of laughter, Real Talk with Miss Dagmara has touched lives globally.

After realizing the positive influence she had on her viewers, friends, and family, Miss Dagmara has expanded from her to couch to iRantRadio to today’s privately held syndication right from her own private studio that broadcasts LIVE weekly.

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