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There is a never a dull moment on Real Talk with Miss Dagmara. The show is hilarious, inspiring, and I look forward to watching every week. Dagmara and her co-host Tameca give honest realistic advice about relationships, life, and everything in between. I feel like I’m sitting on the couch with them having a glass of wine. Their drink recipes are amazing as well. It always like they are having so much fun. It makes me want to be friends with them in real life. LOL! I can’t imagine not laughing in every moment.

– Alyssa M.

Dagmara is a inspiration to everyone around her. Not only did I discover a friend in her, but she helped me uncover deep issues and made me realize what healthy amazing relationships I can have with both friends and with men. My past relationships held a great deal of problems and after consulting with Dagmara, I was able to identify the solutions and how I could start a new and healthy relationship. She has been there for me at some of my toughest times. She made me realize I was pursuing some Individuals who weren’t showing me my best interest. I was giving my time to the wrong people and she directed me in another direction. She taught me when it was okay to keep making effort and when it was time to let go and move on. With her help, I was able recognize the difference between what I deserve and what’s not for me. I know I can reach out to her when I am facing difficult situations and she will give me the guidance I need.

– Brianna T.

Dagmara always gives great advice and encourages women to be strong and independent. I have had some bumps in the road in my marriage but she always gives me a positive reminder to push through. She is an inspiration to others. She is a strong believer and has faith in herself and in others.

– Anonymous

I’ve been listening to Dee’s show since the beginning and I always either learn something worth knowing, like love, friendship and life advice or I end up laughing my butt off because they seem to have such an awesome and fun time recording. The conversations had on this show are some of the realest and funniest I’ve heard. I’m so excited to know the show is coming back and I can’t wait to hear what new adventures that beautiful girl has been on.

– Lalli B.